Road Rumbler

2012 / 5'47'' / HD video / sound

Road Rumbler is a surrealistic examination of elaborate teenage courtship rituals. In addition to its striking formal content, the video handles complex emotions with remarkable clarity and cultural codes with a deft control of the medium and its possibilities.

Inspiration for Road Rumbler comes from the way young people spent their free time at weekends in remote towns in Finland in the 80’s and 90’s, called Pilluralli. Pilluralli (Pussy Rally) is a cat and mouse game of young man driving their cars the same route around town over and over again whilst young girls stroll along the boardwalk waiting to be pick up by the nicest guy.

In the Road Rumbler this weekend game goes deeper. It deals with power between the driver who behaves almost like a psychopath and two girls at the back seat that seem like dolls, staring into emptiness. They don’t communicate and the atmosphere is very dreamy yet unreal. Road Rumbler exposes a moment of one night, without a beginning or end.

Directed, filmed and edited by Laura Lappi

Sound by Rick Eikmans

Actors - Rick Eikmans, Ines Fris and Yasmin Fris

Filmed in Rotterdam, The Netherlands